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About the founder

One of the most beautiful aspects of Tai Chi (Tai Ji Quan) is not only the internal harmony you achieve within yourself but also the valuable knowledge you can share with others. That's precisely why I, Ovanes Budakyan, embarked on the path of Tai Chi (Tai Ji Quan) with the idea of sharing its strength and energy.

My interest in martial arts developed thanks to my father when I was still a child. Inspired by him, in 1998, I decided to attend Tai Chi (Tai Ji Quan) courses with Svetoslav Somov. As a result of my persistent efforts, just a few years later, I became the chief instructor in Tai Chi (Tai Ji Quan) myself. Nevertheless, I have always strived for continuous improvement in Tai Chi.

To delve even deeper into the profound world of Tai Chi (Tai Ji Quan) , I began attending seminars led by some of the greatest masters in this martial art. Perhaps most significant for me was when, in 2006, I encountered the philosophy of Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang, the 19th generation Master of the Chen family. I attended his seminars both in Bulgaria and abroad.

I participated in seminars with Master Chen Jun, the eldest son of Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang.

I also participated in numerous seminars and individual training sessions abroad and in Bulgaria with Master Chen Yingjun, the middle son of Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang.

In 2012, I went to London, where I continued to study the traditions of Tai Chi (Taiji Quan) with Master Patrick Wan.

Great influence on me had both the previous trainings so far and the seminars of Master Jan Silberstorff - one of the best students of Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang, who not only founded numerous schools and institutes worldwide but also initiated the careers of over 400 Tai Chi (Taiji Quan) instructors.

I discovered some of the subtleties of this Chinese Martial Art while attending seminars with Master Chen Ziqiang, the son of Grandmaster Chen Xiaoxin.

I acquired new skills and significantly improved my abilities after the seminars and individual practices with Master Chan Bing, known in China as 'The Almighty Tai Chi.' This became possible thanks to my brother, Edmon Budakyan, who has the honor of being part of the selected close circle of Master Chan's esteemed students.

Looking at my professional biography, I realize that I should not mention these masters separately but express my gratitude to them collectively. Each one of them contributed a little to help me delve into the philosophy and idea of Tai Chi (Taiji Quan) – to learn how to strengthen the body, calm the soul, and focus the mind.