Марк Сангер Дейвис Ovanes is one of the most committed and dedicated practitioners that I see when he joins us for Chen Ying Jun visits in the UK.
Always immersed in his practice and asking great questions!

Mark Sanger Davies,

- Taiji teacher from UK

aulo Lima Ovanes Laoshi is an good teacher.
Very hardworking and diligent, I met him the first time at a seminar in Germany in 2016 with Master Chen Yingjun, one of the seven Dragons of Taijiquan.
Ovanes is a person of excellent personal, pleasant and sincere treatment.
I'm sure his School will grow and be one of the world's renowned ones.

Paulo Lima,

- Taijiquan level 2 instructor WCTA-BR

Натан Коксен Ovanes is very kind humble Taiji instructor driven to unlock the Taiji puzzle through hard work and dedication.
Always great to train with and talk about Chen Taiji Boxing.

Nathan Coxsen,

- Taiji teacher from Australia