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Tai Chi Benefits

Tai Chi Chuan is beloved by tens of millions of practitioners who spread it worldwide. It has become the most popular of all Chinese martial arts, providing a remarkable contribution to people's health. Tai Chi is a precious gem in the world of Chinese martial arts. It possesses an elegant, carefully structured, and calm style, simultaneously preserving its martial aspects, used as a method to enhance health. In comparison to other styles, it is more focused on healing and self-defense. The Tai Chi set of movements does not require special physical and mental preparation and is easy enough to master. Based on this style, more complex sets of movements from Wushu (Chinese martial arts) can be studied, reaching the secret of managing internal concentration and working with energy (Qi Gong). With regular practice, one receives a serious body training in endurance, strength, and flexibility.

Health Benefits

Ideal for every age group, for beginners, and for physically untrained individuals. It has strongly pronounced positive effects on health, such as strengthening the bone and muscle systems, fortifying mental well-being, improving the immune system, and a prominently highlighted anti-stress effect.

Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art that combines a series of smooth, graceful movements resembling meditation in motion. The exercises are performed slowly and carefully, with great concentration. The practice is suitable for people of all ages and physical conditions. The most valuable aspect here is the attention to balance, which is one of the main factors of good form and something we lose as we age, comment Harvard scientists. You too can acquire this balance.
Harvard Scientists on Tai Chi

Regular Tai Chi practice helps increase joint flexibility and strengthen bones. Also, breathing during the practice becomes deep in a natural way, and deep breathing, in turn, improves circulation and strengthens blood vessel walls. Another beneficial effect of the exercises is the increase in muscle strength in the limbs.

As a Self-Defense System

One of the main principles of self-defense in Tai Chi, as stated in the following excerpt, is "using four ounces to deflect a thousand pounds."

In Tai Chi, and particularly in our school, we emphasize the development of techniques and methods that follow the overall philosophy conveyed in the above paragraph.

In the Chen style, striking techniques are practiced to develop the ability to strike from almost any angle and body position. Partner work involves key-locking techniques and more. Techniques with traditional Chinese weapons, such as the sword, saber, staff, spear, halberd, knife, and others, are also part of the training. Special exercises are designed to enhance flexibility, strengthen bones, tendons, and muscles.